Welcome to Cornwall Search Dogs

The charity was set up in 2020 by 5 founders who are all previous members of Mountain Rescue and Lowland Rescue teams and two of our team are also retired police dog handlers, giving us a wealth of experience in both search techniques and dog training.

We value the special skill set our dogs have to search and want to help those when they need us most.

The object of Cornwall Search Dogs (Searching for lost People and Dogs) is:

1. The preservation and protection of health and the saving of lives by providing a dedicated and trained emergency search service consisting of appropriately trained dogs and volunteer handlers to assist and support the emergency services and voluntary rescue services in the search and rescue of missing persons in Cornwall.

2. ‘For the benefit of the public to relieve the unnecessary suffering of animals by the searching for lost dogs’.

Dog Maisy at Roche


Dog Holly at Roche


Dog Lexi at Roche


Dog Tegann at Rock


Please note if you are currently worried for the whereabouts of someone please contact the police. If you have lost a dog please contact DogLost Cornwall for advice.